…so, what lies ahead of… 100 WC

Once upon a time there were three kids looking for an adventure.  The kids had heard about Mr Ronald’s house so they decided to see if what they had heard was true.

They set of down the street towards Mr Ronald’s house to see what lies ahead of mysterious house.  As they get closer they see a scruffy little cat sprinting out of the house with Mr Ronald chasing it with his walking stick.

The kids sneak into his backyard and find a little forest in his garden.  As they start to investigate they discover it is a whole new world……




Facts I recalled

1 Stephen Gray discovered that electricity could flow through some things but not other things

2 There are two types of substances insulators and conductors

3 Conductors let the electricity flow through them and insulators hold the electricity


Questions I am wondering about

1 What is the Hauksbee machine and how does it work?

2 Was Stephen Gray a magician or a scientist?


Insight into the BTN clip

This clip was informing us how Stephen Gray discovered how electricity flows through a boy’s body.



As it came rushing towards us, we started running away from the Pugjeff (the most dangerous dog in the world).  The Pugjeff had blood dripping from its fangs and blood all over its fur – let’s say red fur. We see a little shed and we slide inside through the mud into the door.  John looks around with a shocked face and starts screaming.  We are inside Pugjeff’s lair with baby Pugjeffs everywhere.  I start to back away towards the door but Pugjeff is standing behind me.  John and I are trapped with Pugjeffs growling from every direction…..

“You boys get inside this instant and bring Jeff with you!” mum exclaims.

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100WC Elp!!

 “Elp! Elp! Elp! Come quick” I shout to my pod in the distance.

A few minutes before I was happily swimming through the ocean with my friends and family when suddenly I saw the most delicious looking jelly fish.  I swan as fast as I could so I could eat it all for myself.  When I got closer I was so excited that I didn’t even look I just swan with my mouth open waiting for the delicious jelly fish taste to waft through my mouth.  Suddenly I started choking and the realised it was a plastic bag.  My pod is nowhere to be seen…..

100Wc Cushion Scarlet Annoying Watered Violin

Scarlet Amati famous violinist has just arrived into Australia, she has a long family history of making and playing the violin, it dates back to the 1500’s (fifteen hundreds).

Her family created the perfect violin sound by identifying the wood is as or more important than the strings. So the Amati’s created a process where they watered the wood to produce the perfect sound.

In our short interview with Scarlet Amati we discovered that she dislikes an annoying hard, woody, firm seat but she loves to sit on a soft, squishy, spongy cushion when she is playing her Amati violin.

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but then the flash made me 100wc

Mum wanted me to do my homework but there was no way I was doing the 100 word challenge.  I picked up my phone then started taking selfies and listening to music.   Mum was getting cross so I ran to the kitchen and took photos of my pet frogs.  Mum followed me so I ran to living room and took photos of the chess board.  I ran into my room and hid under my bed.  I tried to take a selfie but it was too dark so I put the flash on.  A took the photo but then the flash made me think of an astonishing idea for my story.


Off you go

Round and round you go on the merry-go-round

For a horse ride give a pound

Don’t be shy these horses can fly

Stop eating your pie and just try

You will forget about school

This horse isn’t a mule

They will take you to the moon

It won’t take too long you will see your mum soon

Flying up to the milkyway

It won’t take you all day

On the moon you will see weird creatures

Eating blue cheese and green peaches

Look to left look to the right

There is day and there is night

You can’t miss this amazing ride

War on waste school!


This is a clip about a school in Adelaide that was inspired by the television show War On Waste and is trying to make their school and surroundings have less waste.



Australia use to be one of the best countries when it comes to waste but now they are one of the worst.

Every year Australia creates 41 million tonnes of rubbish.

Coffee cups are not recyclable so the kids convinced shop owners to let customers have a discount if they use reusable cup



These school kids are trying to help the environment by reducing waste in their school.  The SRC are looking at getting compost bins to stop food scraps going into landfill and they bought calico bags so they could reuse them in their school.



  1. Are there any other things they do to reduce their rubbish at the school?
  2. Have the school measured their waste to see if they are reducing their waste?


Here is the link to the clip