February 9

Letter to Ant

Hi Ant

My name is Quinn and this is a little bit about me. I like playing soccer.  On the weekend I play futsal with friends from school (Ziggy, Josh, Toby, Ethan, Declan, Hamish and Owen).  I also play outdoor soccer for Essendon Royals.

On my holidays I went to our family beach house at Red Rocks beach on Phillip Island. My whole family come and stayed for 1-2 weeks and it is super fun because there are more kids than adults.

I have two frogs and about eight tadpoles plus heaps of crickets for my frogs to eat. The frogs pounce at the crickets and scoff them down quickly!

I have a dog called Sunny she is nearly 14 years old and she is a black labradoodle.

There are five people at my house, James, Erika, Mum, Dad and ME!!

From Quinn

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