March 30

100 WC Hard Beautiful Brown Worried Camera

Voom! I could see the sign to the Twelve Apostles.  I start to feel sick as we speed around another corner.  I grab out my a to take a picture but the bus isn’t stopping.  I got up the bus driver and ask him to stop.  He says, ‘it is too hard to stop’.  I start to feel weary in my tummy and I’m worried that I might be sick.  Oh no!!! I am being sick all over the bus driver and his brown suit.  He stops the bus right in front of the Twelve Apostles.  I jump out and ‘click’ I take a beautiful shot.


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March 28

Anh Do btn



This clip is about a refugee called Anh Do and how he came to live in Australia.






Anh Do talks about what happened to him on the boat from Vietnam to Australia and his family.





Anh’s brother is Khoa Do and he was the young Australian of the year in 2005.   

Anh Do and his family fled when he was 2 years old from Vietnam.

When they were at sea a German ship came to help but couldn’t recue them unless the boat was sinking, a German man gave them an axe and Anh’s dad broke the boat so they could be saved.




What part of Sydney did Anh Do live in when he came to Australia?

Adam Hills IGST | Anh Do – Episode 4| 8.30pm Wednesdays, ABC1

March 23

100 WC ..but how can something so tiny …

Ding! Dong!

“It’s the mail man,” I exclaimed. I wondered who might have sent it. I shake the box and something starts moving. I carefully unwrap it. I’m too scared to look inside but a thing jumps out and licks my face.  It runs around the house, every room has smashed things on the floor.  It goes into my mum and dad’s room then jumps on the bed and starts ripping all the pillows up like a nest.  It starts to doze off and I move closer to see a tiny pug.  It is so cute but how can something so tiny make such a big mess.


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March 22

Federation explained BTN


This clip is about how Australia became a independent country.


There were 6 colonies and Great Britain was in charge of them.  The colonies joined to make Australia and this was called Federation.



On July 9th 1900 Great Britain agreed to let Australia become the Commonwealth of Australia.


In 1642 a Dutch explorer Abel Tasman came across Tasmania.


In 1770 Captain James Cook claimed a lot of Australia for Great Britain.



Why were Northern Territory and Australian Capital Territory added last?



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insight green!/media/1961881/federation-explained

March 14


Once upon a time there was a witch and she loved putting spells on families.  One day my grandfather was walking down the road and suddenly a mysterious looking witch zapped in front of him.  She cursed him and his family so they couldn’t get anywhere on time.  This has affected our family for generations and we are always last to everything.  Once I was going to the finals for my soccer match and a tiger escaped from the zoo and sat on our car.  Another time on the way to the vets our tyre came off and rolled away.  So that is why I am always last to everything.


March 7

BTN #1 National Film and Sound Archive

This video was about two soldiers who tried to get caught stealing cloth because life as a soldiers was harder than a convict.


Sudds and Thompson wanted to be free from boredom, homesickness and brutality.    

Francis Forbes was the first chief of justice in New South Wales.

Sudds and Thompson’s punishment was seven year doing work in chains.


What did Thompson do after he finished his seven years slavery?

Did any other people have the same punishment as Sudds and Thompson?


The purpose of the chief of justice was so everyone did the right thing and followed the laws of the land.

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March 5

my Goals for semester 1!!!!!!!!!!

name:       Quinn Digney                                               

     Goals for semester 1 



What I want to learn:

I want to get better at putting my hand up and not be shy because I don’t put my hand up often.                                          I want to focus on my spelling because I can’t do new words in my vocabulary and more complexed words.



List examples of things I could do that would show I am trying to meet my goal:

I would like to put my hand up so it builds my confidence

I would like to try harder and new words to my vocabulary so my vocab expands and get better at spelling.


How I learn and behave:

I would like to work in a team.

I would like to try and not get distracted.





List examples of things I could do that would show I am trying to meet my goal:

Put up my hand up

Try new words

Not be afraid

Try to spell my words correct


March 2

BTN #1 First Fleet and The Encounter

These videos were about the first fleet, the criminal’s life before and on the boat and the Aboriginal’s life after the first fleet.

In London people were living in poverty and had to steal stuff to survive because the city’s population had exploded. 

Cows were not native to Australia they were brought them on the first fleet.

There were convicts on the first fleet that were children.

How long was the trip from England to New South Wales exactly?

Is the flag still there in Botany Bay today?

I understand that these videos were about when and why the British shipped the convicts to New South Wales and how they invaded the Aboriginals.

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March 1

camp bridge water!

Go to camp bridge water

It is a once in a life time place .go to camp bridge water you can’t miss it. Here is a little bite about it from a student that went there on a camp recently.

Hello my name is Quinn I just came back from camp only a few weeks ago and had so much fun we did surfing it was so much fun because I never done surfing but I got up and surfed any way. I did snorkeling as well it was the best snorkeling ever because we got to go in a cage were fish swam in.

But my fav was when we went in the boat because we went over waves and went flying it was fun.

And that is why I loved my time at camp bridge water!!!!!!


And an awesome view