March 2

BTN #1 First Fleet and The Encounter

These videos were about the first fleet, the criminal’s life before and on the boat and the Aboriginal’s life after the first fleet.

In London people were living in poverty and had to steal stuff to survive because the city’s population had exploded. 

Cows were not native to Australia they were brought them on the first fleet.

There were convicts on the first fleet that were children.

How long was the trip from England to New South Wales exactly?

Is the flag still there in Botany Bay today?

I understand that these videos were about when and why the British shipped the convicts to New South Wales and how they invaded the Aboriginals.

Black summary

Red recall

Green insight

Blue question

Audience: class and teacher

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  1. ryanc2016

    i like how you made a pargraph each time you wrote a recll or a question, insight it was a great BTN (first fleet) video


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