March 7

BTN #1 National Film and Sound Archive

This video was about two soldiers who tried to get caught stealing cloth because life as a soldiers was harder than a convict.


Sudds and Thompson wanted to be free from boredom, homesickness and brutality.    

Francis Forbes was the first chief of justice in New South Wales.

Sudds and Thompson’s punishment was seven year doing work in chains.


What did Thompson do after he finished his seven years slavery?

Did any other people have the same punishment as Sudds and Thompson?


The purpose of the chief of justice was so everyone did the right thing and followed the laws of the land.

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2 thoughts on “BTN #1 National Film and Sound Archive

  1. ethanh2016

    Hi Quinn,
    I really liked how you did your reflection i did not hear when it said about their punishment being 7 years labour in chains.
    Ethan 🙂

  2. lilly2014

    hi Quinn
    something I think you should work on is making it more like a paragraph than dot points and that you should extend what you think about he facts.


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