Once upon a time there was a witch and she loved putting spells on families.  One day my grandfather was walking down the road and suddenly a mysterious looking witch zapped in front of him.  She cursed him and his family so they couldn’t get anywhere on time.  This has affected our family for generations and we are always last to everything.  Once I was going to the finals for my soccer match and a tiger escaped from the zoo and sat on our car.  Another time on the way to the vets our tyre came off and rolled away.  So that is why I am always last to everything.


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  1. brodie at |

    great job you tried your absolute best writing this great story. can’t wait to read your next story.

  2. iris at |

    I love your story Quin, it is fabulous I like the part ‘ One day my Grandfather was walking down the road and suddenly a mysterious looking witch zapped in front of him’ the most about your story ( it’s awesome).
    from Iris

  3. deegan at |

    great job its sad the you get every where late. I can’t wait to see your next one. There is cone thing that you start with once upon a time could be maybe thousands and thousands of years ago.

  4. antsclass at |

    Quinn, excellent work!
    To me the part that brings this most to life are the ridiculous examples of how you ended up being late- if you were cursed to always be late then it would end up that after a while the reasons would become more and more outrageous. I feel that the opening sentence was the least interesting and original part. You could have taken it out entirely and begun with your grandfather- then you’d have had another few words to describe another ridiculous way to be late!
    great work,

  5. jack2014 at |

    i liked it lol but the comments are not nice in a way

  6. phoebe2014 at |

    Hi Quinn
    I think this is really great. It’s fictional, and like a mini story in 100 words, which is quite different to every 100 word challenge I’ve read.
    I also like how specifically it is a grandfather, because you could’ve said “someone in my family” (but like, why would you). And I love how it cursed the whole family, not just the grandfather.

  7. Ethan Haigh at |

    Hi Quinn,
    That was an amazing piece of writing you did and I love to see if the spell gets fixed

  8. ryanc2016 at |

    it was awesome keep going with this and you will be like the best!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. jack2014 at |

    liked this. good job QUINN


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