100 WC ..but how can something so tiny …

Ding! Dong!

“It’s the mail man,” I exclaimed. I wondered who might have sent it. I shake the box and something starts moving. I carefully unwrap it. I’m too scared to look inside but a thing jumps out and licks my face.  It runs around the house, every room has smashed things on the floor.  It goes into my mum and dad’s room then jumps on the bed and starts ripping all the pillows up like a nest.  It starts to doze off and I move closer to see a tiny pug.  It is so cute but how can something so tiny make such a big mess.


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  1. lilly2014 at |

    Hi Quinn
    I really liked how the pug can in the mail but I didn’t understand you yelled the mail man but it seemed like you already had the mail.


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