March 30

100 WC Hard Beautiful Brown Worried Camera

Voom! I could see the sign to the Twelve Apostles.  I start to feel sick as we speed around another corner.  I grab out my a to take a picture but the bus isn’t stopping.  I got up the bus driver and ask him to stop.  He says, ‘it is too hard to stop’.  I start to feel weary in my tummy and I’m worried that I might be sick.  Oh no!!! I am being sick all over the bus driver and his brown suit.  He stops the bus right in front of the Twelve Apostles.  I jump out and ‘click’ I take a beautiful shot.


Image result for 7 apostles left

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1 thoughts on “100 WC Hard Beautiful Brown Worried Camera

  1. Jusden Halabi

    A really great piece of descriptive writing! I really love the personal description in this piece, giving it a familiar feel. Good use of grammar with short and punchy sentences, especially the quotation marks. Possible even extend the description. Keep up the good work!


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