April 29


Glup! Glup! The ant was drinking the water from a puddle.  Suddenly he sees thousands of water droplets beside the road.  His colony have been trying to collect some water for months.  The colony see him with the water droplets on the other side of the road and they start cheering.  He tries to cross the road with one water droplet to share with them all.  But the movement of the air from the first car that comes past pops the droplet in an instant.  The colony start to boo.  So he grabs another droplet and tires again…..but this time it ended ugly.

..Dead Ant..







April 29

BTN Reptile school


This BTN clip is about Lilydale High School that has reptiles and the people that look after them are the students.


1.  The school has two species of frogs, twenty-five species of lizards, fifteen species of snakes and a couple of turtles.

2.  The students need to care for the animals by feeding them, clean the cages and tanks, teaching younger students and visiting other schools.

3. The students have a room for breeding crickets to feed the animals.


This sounds like an amazing school where you get to care and learn about animals throughout high school.


Which year students get to do the zoo keeping program?

Does everybody get to do the program?


I had a look on Lillydale High School website and it didn’t tell me what years get to do the program but I found out some more information (check this out)

April 20


Bang! Bang! Two figures fall to the ground.  Mum! Dad!  Suddenly I scream and wake up from the nightmare.  Matt runs to see me.  “You okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine just that nightmare again.  I wish we could see them again.  It feels like yesterday we were with our parents” I say.

Matt turns around and has a weird ball in his hand.  He throws the ball at the wall and it makes the wall dusty.  Matt grabs my hand and pulls me in.

I close my eyes in fear.  When I open them I see my mum and dad standing there with arms open. But we can’t move.