Glup! Glup! The ant was drinking the water from a puddle.  Suddenly he sees thousands of water droplets beside the road.  His colony have been trying to collect some water for months.  The colony see him with the water droplets on the other side of the road and they start cheering.  He tries to cross the road with one water droplet to share with them all.  But the movement of the air from the first car that comes past pops the droplet in an instant.  The colony start to boo.  So he grabs another droplet and tires again…..but this time it ended ugly.

..Dead Ant..







3 thoughts on “100WC DEAD ANT

  1. This is a really good story Quin, the best part was the bit where the Ant died.
    Very creative. By the way, I dont think that is how you spell again…

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