May 25

100WC Hamburger



Image result for we want youYes You!!!

You’re invited to the biggest and best burger competition in the World.

You need your appetite to eat your way to win.

If you eat the most burgers without vomiting you pretty much win.

If you win you win the BIGGEST and the BEST trophy ever worth

$1 Million

On the 17th of May  at 6.30pm

At The Leaning Tower of Pisa


You have to eat every burger that they provide

Swallow all the food in your mouth to win

No cheating by putting food under the table

One drink for the whole competition

$20 for entry fee and $10 to watch

fast supper Gloucester cathedral

May 24

btn Weedy Seadragon


               This clip was about the Weedy Seadragon and how it’s near threatened and the programme identifying them.




The Weedy Seadragon are found off the Southern and East coast of Australia and they are related to the sea horse.


Sciences are asking divers to take pictures of Weedy Seawragons and send them to them.  The sciences use the photos so they can identify each Weedy Seadragon with their individual makings just like a fingerprint.


The Weedy Seadragons are in trouble because of rising temperature in the water and this is killing the kelp that Weedy Seadragons need to keep safe.



The Weedy Seadragons are near threatened but scientists believe they are endangered.  Scientists are finding out of how many are left in the wild by asking people to take photos so they can keep track of the numbers.




Could these Weedy Seadragons survive in other parts of the world?


What do the Weedy Seadragons eat?


Here is the link

May 24

GDP per Capita 2010

I made this graph from this data:

This graph shows GDP per capita in 2010. I found out from this graph that the richest country is USA and the least is South Korea. I want to find out which country earns the least amount of money in the world.

May 10

BTN bitter sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This BTN clip is about products that say they have less fat actually have more sugar.


  1. Sugar is a carbohydrate that makes food taste better and makes foods last longer because it is a preservative
  2. The recommended amount of sugar for children is two teaspoons a day.
  3. Half the sugar we eat each day is actually in processed food like tomato sauce or BBQ sauce



People are trying to make kids and adults aware of the hidden sugar in foods so that we don’t become obese.


Does dog food have sugar in it? 

How much Sugar Does coke, fanta and orange juice have.



May 9

100WC I just couldn’t eat something so

Arnold Schwarzenegger was eating deep fried brussel sprouts when I walked past his favourite restaurant.  I can’t believe that this is the secret to his strong muscular body.  Quickly I rode to the shops and got 50 brussel sprouts.  I deep fry them and it took half an hour but finally they were ready.  I prepared the plates for my friends and family that are coming over tonight to find out the secret.  Knock, knock they are all here.  We sit down to take the first bite but I just couldn’t eat something so revolting but my family and friends loved them!!


May 3

100WC The slime dripped through


Here are the steps to making the best Slime

1.  Mix together 1/3 cup warm water, 1/2 cup PVA glue, and food colouring.

2.  Stir with a craft stick or a spoon then set aside.

3.  In another bowl mix together 3/4 cup warm water and 2 teaspoons Borax

Now for the fun part!!

4.  Mix the two bowls with the gluey mixtures together then set aside for 30 seconds

5.  Remove slime from bowl and work in your hands for 2 to 3 minutes.


The slime dripped through my fingers when I tried this at home.

..Now it’s your turn..












May 2

Baby Tuna BTN



This video was about Tuna and  why Tuna is becoming endangered.



The fastest fish is the Southern Blue fin Tuna, its swims at a speed of 70 km per hour and for long distances.

People can spend ten thousand dollars for one Tuna .

Tuna can grow up to two meters long and weigh 200 kilograms.



A Marine Biologist has been able to breed Tuna larva in a lab and placing them in a big aquarium  that recreates their environment. This could help to mass farm them so they will not be endangered and this farming will be worth lots of money.



Is there a Tuna Size limit that you can’t catch?

Is there a Tuna amount limit that you are allowed to catch?

if the mass farming works, will the price of Tuna go down?