100WC I just couldn’t eat something so

Arnold Schwarzenegger was eating deep fried brussel sprouts when I walked past his favourite restaurant.  I can’t believe that this is the secret to his strong muscular body.  Quickly I rode to the shops and got 50 brussel sprouts.  I deep fry them and it took half an hour but finally they were ready.  I prepared the plates for my friends and family that are coming over tonight to find out the secret.  Knock, knock they are all here.  We sit down to take the first bite but I just couldn’t eat something so revolting but my family and friends loved them!!


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  1. Jordan at |

    That was so funny.

  2. jedidiah at |

    Great story could have been more desripted but over all it was good

  3. jack2014 at |

    good post quinn i like it


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