BTN bitter sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This BTN clip is about products that say they have less fat actually have more sugar.


  1. Sugar is a carbohydrate that makes food taste better and makes foods last longer because it is a preservative
  2. The recommended amount of sugar for children is two teaspoons a day.
  3. Half the sugar we eat each day is actually in processed food like tomato sauce or BBQ sauce



People are trying to make kids and adults aware of the hidden sugar in foods so that we don’t become obese.


Does dog food have sugar in it? 

How much Sugar Does coke, fanta and orange juice have.



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  1. Finn Darlington at |

    Ha Ha Quinn. That was really funny

  2. ethanh2016 at |

    Hi Quinn,
    I found this interesting and cool I like how you showed what colour was for what really clearly. I was amazed to find that half the sugar we eat comes from things like tomato sauce.
    Ethan 🙂


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