May 24

btn Weedy Seadragon


               This clip was about the Weedy Seadragon and how it’s near threatened and the programme identifying them.




The Weedy Seadragon are found off the Southern and East coast of Australia and they are related to the sea horse.


Sciences are asking divers to take pictures of Weedy Seawragons and send them to them.  The sciences use the photos so they can identify each Weedy Seadragon with their individual makings just like a fingerprint.


The Weedy Seadragons are in trouble because of rising temperature in the water and this is killing the kelp that Weedy Seadragons need to keep safe.



The Weedy Seadragons are near threatened but scientists believe they are endangered.  Scientists are finding out of how many are left in the wild by asking people to take photos so they can keep track of the numbers.




Could these Weedy Seadragons survive in other parts of the world?


What do the Weedy Seadragons eat?


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