May 25

100WC Hamburger



Image result for we want youYes You!!!

You’re invited to the biggest and best burger competition in the World.

You need your appetite to eat your way to win.

If you eat the most burgers without vomiting you pretty much win.

If you win you win the BIGGEST and the BEST trophy ever worth

$1 Million

On the 17th of May  at 6.30pm

At The Leaning Tower of Pisa


You have to eat every burger that they provide

Swallow all the food in your mouth to win

No cheating by putting food under the table

One drink for the whole competition

$20 for entry fee and $10 to watch

fast supper Gloucester cathedral

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1 thoughts on “100WC Hamburger

  1. Finn Darlington

    Very funny Quinn, Ha Ha.
    I like how you made this an add, and I like how you side ” if eat the most burgers without vomiting you win”.
    Great job


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