July 20

Off you go

Round and round you go on the merry-go-round

For a horse ride give a pound

Don’t be shy these horses can fly

Stop eating your pie and just try

You will forget about school

This horse isn’t a mule

They will take you to the moon

It won’t take too long you will see your mum soon

Flying up to the milkyway

It won’t take you all day

On the moon you will see weird creatures

Eating blue cheese and green peaches

Look to left look to the right

There is day and there is night

You can’t miss this amazing ride

July 18

War on waste school!


This is a clip about a school in Adelaide that was inspired by the television show War On Waste and is trying to make their school and surroundings have less waste.



Australia use to be one of the best countries when it comes to waste but now they are one of the worst.

Every year Australia creates 41 million tonnes of rubbish.

Coffee cups are not recyclable so the kids convinced shop owners to let customers have a discount if they use reusable cup



These school kids are trying to help the environment by reducing waste in their school.  The SRC are looking at getting compost bins to stop food scraps going into landfill and they bought calico bags so they could reuse them in their school.



  1. Are there any other things they do to reduce their rubbish at the school?
  2. Have the school measured their waste to see if they are reducing their waste?


Here is the link to the clip