July 20

Off you go

Round and round you go on the merry-go-round

For a horse ride give a pound

Don’t be shy these horses can fly

Stop eating your pie and just try

You will forget about school

This horse isn’t a mule

They will take you to the moon

It won’t take too long you will see your mum soon

Flying up to the milkyway

It won’t take you all day

On the moon you will see weird creatures

Eating blue cheese and green peaches

Look to left look to the right

There is day and there is night

You can’t miss this amazing ride

Posted July 20, 2017 by quinn2016 in category Uncategorized

3 thoughts on “Off you go

  1. antsclass

    I love the absurd, surreal mood you create in this fun poem. The quick fire lines and bouncy rhyming pattern add to the fun as we fly off to the moon seeing weird creatures, blue cheese and green peaches- what crazy imagery-I love it!
    great work,

  2. Ethan Haigh

    Hi Quinn,
    I really liked how you did a poem instead of a normal story for your 100 WC. I also liked the different descriptions that you used Well Done
    Ethan ☺

  3. jack2014

    Quinn i love that you where the only one i think that did a poem. i love how you structured this peace i would never do any thing this good.
    from jack


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