August 23


As it came rushing towards us, we started running away from the Pugjeff (the most dangerous dog in the world).  The Pugjeff had blood dripping from its fangs and blood all over its fur – let’s say red fur. We see a little shed and we slide inside through the mud into the door.  John looks around with a shocked face and starts screaming.  We are inside Pugjeff’s lair with baby Pugjeffs everywhere.  I start to back away towards the door but Pugjeff is standing behind me.  John and I are trapped with Pugjeffs growling from every direction…..

“You boys get inside this instant and bring Jeff with you!” mum exclaims.

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August 16

100WC Elp!!

 “Elp! Elp! Elp! Come quick” I shout to my pod in the distance.

A few minutes before I was happily swimming through the ocean with my friends and family when suddenly I saw the most delicious looking jelly fish.  I swan as fast as I could so I could eat it all for myself.  When I got closer I was so excited that I didn’t even look I just swan with my mouth open waiting for the delicious jelly fish taste to waft through my mouth.  Suddenly I started choking and the realised it was a plastic bag.  My pod is nowhere to be seen…..

August 10

100Wc Cushion Scarlet Annoying Watered Violin

Scarlet Amati famous violinist has just arrived into Australia, she has a long family history of making and playing the violin, it dates back to the 1500’s (fifteen hundreds).

Her family created the perfect violin sound by identifying the wood is as or more important than the strings. So the Amati’s created a process where they watered the wood to produce the perfect sound.

In our short interview with Scarlet Amati we discovered that she dislikes an annoying hard, woody, firm seat but she loves to sit on a soft, squishy, spongy cushion when she is playing her Amati violin.

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August 1

but then the flash made me 100wc

Mum wanted me to do my homework but there was no way I was doing the 100 word challenge.  I picked up my phone then started taking selfies and listening to music.   Mum was getting cross so I ran to the kitchen and took photos of my pet frogs.  Mum followed me so I ran to living room and took photos of the chess board.  I ran into my room and hid under my bed.  I tried to take a selfie but it was too dark so I put the flash on.  A took the photo but then the flash made me think of an astonishing idea for my story.