but then the flash made me 100wc

Mum wanted me to do my homework but there was no way I was doing the 100 word challenge.  I picked up my phone then started taking selfies and listening to music.   Mum was getting cross so I ran to the kitchen and took photos of my pet frogs.  Mum followed me so I ran to living room and took photos of the chess board.  I ran into my room and hid under my bed.  I tried to take a selfie but it was too dark so I put the flash on.  A took the photo but then the flash made me think of an astonishing idea for my story.


One thought on “but then the flash made me 100wc

  1. Wow!!! Really good job Quinn.
    I really liked how you were naughty. Did that really happen?
    Great Job Quinn!!!

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