100Wc Cushion Scarlet Annoying Watered Violin

Scarlet Amati famous violinist has just arrived into Australia, she has a long family history of making and playing the violin, it dates back to the 1500’s (fifteen hundreds).

Her family created the perfect violin sound by identifying the wood is as or more important than the strings. So the Amati’s created a process where they watered the wood to produce the perfect sound.

In our short interview with Scarlet Amati we discovered that she dislikes an annoying hard, woody, firm seat but she loves to sit on a soft, squishy, spongy cushion when she is playing her Amati violin.

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  1. antsclass at |

    this is outstanding!
    I love the way you chose to make a pretend factual piece that incorporated so much truth-what an interesting way to approach this prompt! You must have done a fair amount of research here- I love the idea and the way you have put it together sounds mature and authoritative.
    Great work,

  2. phoebe2014 at |

    Hi Quinn,
    I really like your 100wc this week. It was really interesting how you did the informative text about a violin player. I’m just confused on whether this is real or you made it up (but that has got nothing to do with this) so if it is real (which I am assuming) what a great coincidence on Scarlet being a violin player. If it is fiction, well good story lets just say that.
    Overall I think you did an awesome job! Very creative.

  3. ethanh2016 at |

    Hi Quinn,
    This was a fantastic piece of writing I love the way you made a fictional inteveiw and how you still included truth in it, WELL DONE
    Ethan 🤑


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