As it came rushing towards us, we started running away from the Pugjeff (the most dangerous dog in the world).  The Pugjeff had blood dripping from its fangs and blood all over its fur – let’s say red fur. We see a little shed and we slide inside through the mud into the door.  John looks around with a shocked face and starts screaming.  We are inside Pugjeff’s lair with baby Pugjeffs everywhere.  I start to back away towards the door but Pugjeff is standing behind me.  John and I are trapped with Pugjeffs growling from every direction…..

“You boys get inside this instant and bring Jeff with you!” mum exclaims.

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  1. antsclass at |

    how could such a cute doggy become so vicious?
    great writing again Quinn. I love the way you ‘show-not-tell’ the reader all sorts of things about how we should feel about the Pugjeffs, about how the characters feel and about the nature of this imaginary game by describing what they see, what they do and what they say.
    Great work,


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