October 12


My most treasured item is

  • Fluffy to touch
  • cute to look at
  • a fast runner
  • sleepy all the time
  • a girl
  • hungry for apple core
  • a mad drinker
  • ninety eight years old
  • not allowed to eat chocolate
  • cheeky when she gets food out of the bin
  • naked all of the time


My most pressured item can

  • clean her face on grass
  • crack bones with her teeth
  • go to the toilet whenever she wants
  • bark loudly or talks
  • shake hands
  • jump onto the couch
  • play soccer


But she can’t walk up steep stairs she is very old!!

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1 thoughts on “100wc

  1. chloe

    really good story
    I think that your most treasured item is your dog?
    You described her very well,
    (made it a bit obvious though)
    but it was a great story I liked it
    keep up the good work!


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