November 1


Tomorrow I will be twelve, tonight all my friends and family came to my house and celebrated my birthday party. I received lots of fantastic and amazing presents but as always the best thing was the birthday cake that mum baked. The moment I loved was when mum enters the dark room with one big white candle with a burning red and orange flame, everyone singing my favourite song…. Happy Birthday!!!

Now I am finding it hard to get to sleep, tomorrow is my actual birthday I’m so excited I’m swimming with happiness

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  1. Jusden (Team 100)

    Hi Quinn,
    A really nice story! This is a great piece of description about day to day life and celebrations! I can relate to this as I remember the excitement of preparing for the party, planning what to do and of course the food! You mentioned that the cake is your favourite park, which is the same for me! Your vivid description of the moment the cake comes in describes a really special moment, especially with the words like ‘burning’ giving the piece atmosphere. Keep up the good work!


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