February 27

100WC 😎😃😃

One day after playing my soccer match on Saturday we had to go shopping 😢. My mum said if you don’t complain we can get something. Mum passed me a shopping list with some strange stuff on it like a ladder, slowly cooked beef, brussel sprouts and lots more.  After we have bought all the stuff like the ladder mum starts to head to a big building then I read the sign on the building.  I see that it says pet stock!  When we find a park I start to sprint into the shop.  I walked in the shop with nothing but came out with a big brown goldfish that flew through the water.


February 25

btn #1 2018


               This clip was about how democracy works and how it has changed over time.



Democracy was made up from two Greek words Demos that means people and Kratos that means power or rule.

In Australia we have a representative democracy that means we have person represents us in Parliament.

There are different ways to rule a county like monarchy where they have a King or Queen rule the country or dictatorship where there is forced used to rule a country.


In Australia we have a democracy system that lets a representative do the work for you. A democracy is one of the best systems for ruling a country because it is fair to everyone.


What systems do the Greeks use today to lead their country?

Has Australia always had a democracy system?


Here is the link



February 25

SRC speach

The SRC is an important role in our school because they are the voice of the students.  This is leadership role that can help change our school.  It is a good role for me because I’m in year six and I will need role to go into high school. If I got be the SRC representative it would help with my confidence and projecting my voice.

If I was SRC representative these are some of the things I would try to change around our school.  I would like to have toilets on the oval or near the breezeway so kids don’t have to run a long way to get to the toilets.

We could have a culture day where we talk about our cultures with our classmates.  This could help us to learn about other people’s backgrounds and bring people together. Dressing up with something from your background to share with the school.  This culture day will make our school learn about what people do in their family outside of school.

If I was SCR I would listen to my class and their ideas on how to change the school. I will try to get their ideas to the next stage by talking to all the student council and telling them how important your ideas are.  Finally I would talk to Matt about my class ideas. 

I would be a great SRC representative because I like helping people out.

February 23

Jom 100 words

These sculptures were made because of the Terracotta Army from Ancient China.  Emperor Qin Shi Huang did not make these but he gave the idea to me Emperor Jom from Greece.  Emperor Qin Shi Huang built a whole army of warriors made from clay and they were buried with him when he died.  I would like to be buried among these seven warriors called Quinz so they can protect me in the after life.  The reason why these Quinz have really messy and spikey because I have never put hair products in my hair and it is a bit crazy.

February 20

Small steps reading reflection

Small steps is about a really big play and they bout tickets.they selling them for more money  then what they are wearth were handing the tickets over they  couldn’t  because  the people they were selling it to then they forgot there money and are going to meet again with the money.

February 18

around the corner

When I turned the corner we couldn’t stop we were moving so fast when the old lady walked onto the road and boom! The old lady was no more. We were only trying to get away from the police. We had robbed the bank so we could feed our children because we had been fired from our job. The judge convicted us to five years in jail. If only our old boss had not stolen everyone’s money and run away. The old lady would still be alive and living this day. One bad decision has led to disaster for everyone.

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February 4

Libby Letter

Dear Libby

My family is a family of 5 and I’m the middle child.  I have an older brother James and a younger sister Erika.  James is in high school in year 8 and Erika is in primary school in year 4.  My favourite sibling is Sunny my dog who is nearly 15 years old.  She is named after a racehorse that has won two Cox Plates at Moonee Valley. Our family likes to play soccer together, walk Sunny to the dog park, watch movies together and we go for swims.

On the holidays my family and Sunny went to Phillip Island.  We went to our Nana’s beach house with our cousins.  My brother, sister and I got fishing rods for Christmas so we went fishing a lot.  We caught snapper, gummy sharks and flathead mainly.  The best part of the holidays was surfing.  We went to the YCW surf beach nearly every day.

I enjoy playing any soccer as much as possible. I play fustal, outdoor soccer and school yard soccer.  Last year my futsal team called the White Central Comets won the grand final and we got a medal.  Our team has been playing together since I was in grade one and it’s fun playing with my friends.

This year I am looking forward to the camp, in Canberra.  I am a sports captain for Lawson and I’m pleased to take on that responsibility.  I am excited about doing all the sports in 5/6 including Hockey 7’s.  This is my last year at primary school and I am looking forward to having fun with my friends.

Being a sports captain is something new that I haven’t done before.  I think I will learn a lot of news skills in this role like organisation skills and team work.  I hope my team works well together and has lots of fun at the sports carnivals.


From Quinn