February 25

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               This clip was about how democracy works and how it has changed over time.



Democracy was made up from two Greek words Demos that means people and Kratos that means power or rule.

In Australia we have a representative democracy that means we have person represents us in Parliament.

There are different ways to rule a county like monarchy where they have a King or Queen rule the country or dictatorship where there is forced used to rule a country.


In Australia we have a democracy system that lets a representative do the work for you. A democracy is one of the best systems for ruling a country because it is fair to everyone.


What systems do the Greeks use today to lead their country?

Has Australia always had a democracy system?


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  1. libby2016

    Well done Quinn. I am impressed by your understanding of the BTN article. Maybe you could research your question about the Current form of government in Greece.


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