February 25

SRC speach

The SRC is an important role in our school because they are the voice of the students.  This is leadership role that can help change our school.  It is a good role for me because I’m in year six and I will need role to go into high school. If I got be the SRC representative it would help with my confidence and projecting my voice.

If I was SRC representative these are some of the things I would try to change around our school.  I would like to have toilets on the oval or near the breezeway so kids don’t have to run a long way to get to the toilets.

We could have a culture day where we talk about our cultures with our classmates.  This could help us to learn about other people’s backgrounds and bring people together. Dressing up with something from your background to share with the school.  This culture day will make our school learn about what people do in their family outside of school.

If I was SCR I would listen to my class and their ideas on how to change the school. I will try to get their ideas to the next stage by talking to all the student council and telling them how important your ideas are.  Finally I would talk to Matt about my class ideas. 

I would be a great SRC representative because I like helping people out.

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