March 21

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This clip is about an 18 year old that doesn’t want to vote in an election.  A ghost comes along and encourages her to vote by showing her the history of voting.


  1. Woman could not vote in the 1900’s is wasn’t until 1902 they women were allowed to vote in a federal election and be in parliament. 
  2. If you were an Aboriginal you could not vote but in 1949 if you were an Aboringinal that served in the army you could vote in a federal election. In 1962 the government let all Australian Aboriginals in a federal election.
  3. You had to be 21 years old to vote until 1973 and the rules changed to 18 years old.


  1. Who was the first woman in Parliament?

Answer: Enid Lyons and Dorothy Tangney

  1. Who was the first indigenous person in Parliament?

Answer: Neville Bonner in 1971

  1. Who was the youngest person in Parliament?

Answer: Edwin Corboy was 20 years old

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March 20


One day on the way home from school. Everything looked the same except I couldn’t see my dog even outside in the backyard. My dog was small and hard to find but I had looked everywhere even in the toilet. He was nowhere to be seen. I look around the backyard for the hundredth time and I hear barking. I start to yell, “Jeff come here, Jeff”. I could see him anywhere and I look up to the clouds and wonder where he could be. Suddenly I see him standing on the roof next the gargoyle but how did he get up there.

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March 15

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50 young indigenous people from all over Australia came together to make their own parliament.


Audrey was one selected from her community Engawala north of Alice Springs to represent her poeple.

In Australia’s history there has only been 28 indigenous member’s in parliament.

Audrey had had her chance to do a speech about what it was like back home, issues her community face and what was important to her.


After Audrey’s experience was she inspired go into parliament?

Did Audrey and the other 49 indigenous kids get to meet the Prime Minister?

Did the other indigenous kids get to do a speech?

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March 11

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Donald trump once said “I will build a wall and make America great again.” 

But what if I was in charge I would make sure there would be no school, no homework or guns without a licence.

If I was in charge I would sack who ever I want.

It would be real fun .

I would get heaps of pets like pugs, dogs and ducks.

That would be the life, if only I was in charge instead of doing homework right now for all you to read.


Ow so cute!

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March 8



This clip was about 3 different governments in Australia.



Federal is one off the three different governments in Australia.

State is another type of government.

Local government takes care of your bins.


This btn was about what the three different governments do for us.


Witch type of government is the governor general in?

What will happen if they don’t work together well?

Who is in charge of the local government?



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March 1



This clip is about the Governor General and what their role is for the Government and the Queen.



The Governer General can fire the Prime Minister.

The Governor General represents the Queen because she is so far away in England.

Quentin Bryce was the first female Governor General in Australia.


This clip is about the new Governor General Peter Cosgrove he is taking over from Quentin Bryce.


Why did the Governor General John Kerr fire Gough Whitlam in 1975?

Who decides on the Governor General?

Can the Governor General be fired?.


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