March 11

100 wc 😈


Donald trump once said “I will build a wall and make America great again.” 

But what if I was in charge I would make sure there would be no school, no homework or guns without a licence.

If I was in charge I would sack who ever I want.

It would be real fun .

I would get heaps of pets like pugs, dogs and ducks.

That would be the life, if only I was in charge instead of doing homework right now for all you to read.


Ow so cute!

Image result for cute pug gif









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1 thoughts on “100 wc 😈

  1. libby2016

    I love the concept of comparing yourself to one of the world leaders. It made a really interesting start to this piece. I would like you to edit this piece, adding in all the correct punctuation that, as a grade 6 student, I know, that you know, how to use!


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