April 25



One day when I was going for a stroll with my grandpa in his favourite park called Footstep Park. The reason my grandpa likes this park is because he likes building stuff and there are thousands of sculptures some like this.


This is his favourite but on that day we went for a stroll it was not there and the rest of the sculptures had disappeared.  “Where could they be? “I asked my grandpa.

He said, “they have all been moved out and are being sold so they don’t get bulldozed by the trucks coming in to make a Disneyland.

April 25



This BTN clip is a child talking about his family history and his great great grandfather fighting in World War One.




  1. In the boy’s family there are five people that have the same name Anzac to remember their great great grandfather.
  2. His great great grandfather Arthur Walker was an Aboriginal and had to lie to join the army.
  3. Aboriginal people are suppose to be buried where they were born and Arthur Walker died in France but when his medals were returned to the family Anzac felt like his spirit came back his home.


  1. There was Arthur Walker buried?
  2. How many times has Anzac marched in the ANZAC day march?
  3. Will he pass on the name Anzac to his kid?


Here is the like to the clip


April 19

100 wc rain

On Tuesday the 28th January 3013 my family and I went to see the Commonwealth Games in Tokyo Japan. We saw the swimming unfortunately the swimming was outside so it was really sunny, boiling hot and lots of people got sun burnt. Suddenly it started bucketing down rain and everyone was drench because there was no shelter. The crowd was running to their private jets to escape the pouring rain although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress. So crowd was so soaked they could have collected buckets full of water and made a Commonwealth Games swimming of their own.

Image result for funny commonwealth swimming gifs

April 18

btn cricket



This BTN clip is about how some of the Australian Cricket team cheated against South Africa.


  1. Cameron Bancroft used yellow sandpaper to make the ball rough and this makes the ball swing.
  2. Steve Smith and David Warner were involved and they got 12 month suspension from playing cricket.
  3. Using sandpaper to rub the ball makes a reserve swing.


  1. Why did they cheat?
  2. Was there anyone else involved?
  3. Have any other Australian cricketers cheated?


Here is the link to the clip