April 19

100 wc rain

On Tuesday the 28th January 3013 my family and I went to see the Commonwealth Games in Tokyo Japan. We saw the swimming unfortunately the swimming was outside so it was really sunny, boiling hot and lots of people got sun burnt. Suddenly it started bucketing down rain and everyone was drench because there was no shelter. The crowd was running to their private jets to escape the pouring rain although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress. So crowd was so soaked they could have collected buckets full of water and made a Commonwealth Games swimming of their own.

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4 thoughts on “100 wc rain

  1. jett2016

    Nice Quinn I really like the setting in 3013 and how it was hot to be a really wet day. I really liked your story keep up the good work.

  2. lucy2016

    Hi Quinn,
    I love how the 100wc was based in the future and how you tied one of your interests in with the prompt. Something to work on would be focusing on one thing at a time. There were a lot of ‘suddenly’s’ and then this happened, and then this but otherwise really good work.


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