April 25



One day when I was going for a stroll with my grandpa in his favourite park called Footstep Park. The reason my grandpa likes this park is because he likes building stuff and there are thousands of sculptures some like this.


This is his favourite but on that day we went for a stroll it was not there and the rest of the sculptures had disappeared.  “Where could they be? “I asked my grandpa.

He said, “they have all been moved out and are being sold so they don’t get bulldozed by the trucks coming in to make a Disneyland.

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2 thoughts on “100wc

  1. Jett

    Good job Quinn I really like the idea of the structure of the legs on the tree and the grandpa and the grandchild walking through the park and then gets transported to Disney land.

  2. Evan Gikas

    Hi Quinn,
    I really like how you explained this story.
    i also really liked how you used interesting words
    not boring words.


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