August 29


It was windy day and I decided to go fishing for my dinner. I walked down the slippery stairs towards the river to catch a fish. It took about half and hour before I got my first bite. All of sudden I felt a yank on my line it pulled my line so hard I felt my arms coming of my sockets. I nervous that I was going to loose my only bite of the day. I reeled it in like a mad man to see my favourite fish a big pink rainbow trout. I am looking forward to cooked trout for dinner.

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August 15

Hockey 7’s report

Hockey 7’s Competition 2018


On Monday the 13th August some students were picked to represent our school in hockey for the region. We went to Footscray Hockey Club and played a round robin competition. Moonee Ponds played our first game against Southern Cross Grammar and we won 11 – 0. Our second game was against St Augustines and we won 3 – 1. We needed to win or draw our third game against Coimadia Primary School to make it into the finals, the scores were 4 – 0 and we won. Our team was excited to be playing against Leopold Primary School in the region grand final. Leopold were a good team and it was difficult to score, they won 9 – 0. We found out their team practiced most days and had some state representative players. Our team worked well together and we were proud that we were the runners up for the region. Everyone scored at least one goal in this event and it was because we played as a team. Our team on the day was Ethan , Ambrose , Hamish , Jett , Toby , James , Hamish , Erika  and me (Quinn ). We could not have achieved this without the coaching skills from Justyn Alloch a past Moonee Ponds Primary School state hockey 7’s champion.



August 6


Do you have any unwanted warts or dead skin on your body? If you use this ointment they will all be gone in 12 days. Guaranteed!

It is a type of liquid, like ice, but colder and if you apply this you get a burn, like from a flame, that will remove the wart or dead skin.  However, it hurts! So, to soothe the pain apply lime juce every 5 hours. Use a timer or clock to decide when you need to put more liquid on.

To buy this liquid go to 123@ne.coldqd and search up Liquid BURN!


August 1

OR 100wc

Special prompt #2 (18)

Look through the window,

You might see the snow,

Or you might see a deer,

Or you might see a person appear,

Or you might want to go.



Close your eyes and what do you hear,

You might hear a cheer,

Or you might hear a crow,

Or you might hear the leaves blow,

Or you might feel fear.


Sniff through your nose,

You might smell dough,

Or you might smell the trees,

Or you might smell rabbits pee,

Or you might stay I suppose.


Touch your surroundings,

You might feel your heart pounding,

Or you might feel happiness


Special prompt #2 (18)