September 13



One day Delgado was driving to work when a car suddenly stopped in front of him. He crashed into the car in front of him and flew through the window and off the bridge. He gripped on to something as he got thrown over the bridge. It tore through his first layer of skin, then the next, then the next until he was drenched in thick blood. Until he started to slip then he fell down to his doom at the bottom of the Murray River.

This statue was put in the centre of the city to remember Delgado JR.


September 5


If I owned my own soccer club I would get the best players in the world like Messi, Neyma and Ronaldo.  I would have five pitches with the best quality grass and goal posts. The newest club rooms with a place for each players gear. New shoes for every game or two. There will one soccer ball for each player so they can practice. It would be located in Australia. The only thing I don’t know is what colour the soccer tops would be maybe blue, orange, green, purple, pink, black, white, red, brown, yellow, grey. but what colour should it be.

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