November 13




Oh my gosh, today I have finally found a gorilla, but not any gorilla, a rare gorila with an amazing yellow shade. It is so strong that it can probably run through bricks.



Today I’ve seen the wierdest thing happen.  The same gorilla was running away from big crowds of hunters with the latest guns. Luckily, I didn’t have to interfere because the extraordinary creature outpaced all the hunters.







Today I’ve gone back to home base to report on my latest discovery and decided to name the file Pretty Yellow Gorilla (TOP SECRET).


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1 thoughts on “(TOP SECRET)

  1. libby2016

    So clever Quinn. A really engaging way of writing your 100 wc. I especially loved your vocabulary on this one – the words extraordinary and outpaced are amazing. The image of being ‘so strong it can probably run through bricks’ is very powerful too. Well done!


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