August 1

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Special prompt #2 (18)

Look through the window,

You might see the snow,

Or you might see a deer,

Or you might see a person appear,

Or you might want to go.



Close your eyes and what do you hear,

You might hear a cheer,

Or you might hear a crow,

Or you might hear the leaves blow,

Or you might feel fear.


Sniff through your nose,

You might smell dough,

Or you might smell the trees,

Or you might smell rabbits pee,

Or you might stay I suppose.


Touch your surroundings,

You might feel your heart pounding,

Or you might feel happiness


Special prompt #2 (18)


June 6



This clip is about Cape Town in South Africa and the drought they are experiencing.  This drought has left Cape Town with very little water.



  1. The Government has allocated everyone to 50 litres of water per day per person.  This water is to be used for washing, drinking, showering, cooking and pets.
  2. On the 4th June the Government was going to turn off the water supply and the people are calling this ‘day zero’.
  3. After ‘day zero’ the Government are going to decrease the water supply to 25 litres per day per person.



Why don’t other countries give them water?

Did the Government turn off the water on the 4th June?

When was the last time it raining in Cape Town?


Here is the link the BTN clip

June 5


Pink Daffodil Report

Written by Doctor Yeat from Goodies Labs


To reproduce a pink daffodil flower


  1. Sprinkle hundreds and thousands on dirt
  2. Put the bulb into the ground
  3. Water with sparkling water regularly


Attempt one – This experiment was a successful but the daffodil turned black after a few days using normal water

Attempt two – Sparkling water was used for the second attempt.  This was successful and the flower stayed pink the autumn season.  It grew huge and it drooped down over Doctor Yeats house just like a bridge.

This pink daffodil flower is a once in life time occurrence


May 30







This BTN clip is about what happens after a natural disaster and how countries recover with help from different places.



  1. The flood in Pakistan killed one and half thousand people and 20 million people had their homes washed away.
  2. After a flood, drinking water can be contaminated with germs and disease and people are given clean water.
  3. It can take years to rebuild countries after the damage and lots of money. The United Nations, Governments from different countries and public appeals give money to the countries that need it.



  1. Do the countries need to pay back the money they are given?
  2. How much money does different countries give to help?
  3. Does the Australian Government give money to other countries when they need help?


Here is the link to the BTN clip




May 28


There is a little fruit that you can eat they’re called Lychee, I have never liked and I will never ever like this fruit. However some very weird people love them.  They eat them with all different foods some like the Lychee with their ice cream, in their drinks and some even some like them in their curries. “Yuck”!!!

To me Lychees look like an eye ball with a big pip in the middle and a see through jelly substance. When you take the pip out, it’s like taking out the pupil and all you’re left to eat is the white Sclera part of your eye.”YUCK”

Image result for lychee

May 27


One day after work on my birthday my family came over for dinner I was the chef for the evening. I was making dumplings for the first time in my life, with my two assistant helpers Ambrose and Elio. We followed all the instructions to make pork dumplings but I didn’t understand the instruction the butcher told me about keeping the pork in the freezer overnight.

When everyone was leaving my birthday party after tasting our delicious pork dumplings. One by one everyone started turning green and holding their stomach. Before I could direct them to the bathroom, one by one they all started to vomit all over my living room carpet.

May 22

Webinar reflection

Webinar reflection

Today we did webinar about cyber safety here are some

The things we learnt.

  • 12% of young people have experienced viruses of scamming/hacking.
  • Scammers or viruses don’t always come from people you don’t know they could come from friends or family.
  • You need to keep all passwords private so you don’t get hacked.
  • A webinar is a live like video but with sound you can comment with the comment bar and they might reply, today it was about cyber safety and scamming.
  • You can get a fire wall to help you with not getting hacked and some websites can help you like e safety and scam watch.
May 16



This newspaper article is from the Herald Sun is about the volcano called Kilauea in Hawaii that has erupted and is affecting people in the area.



  1. There was an Earthquake on south side of the volcano which made Kilanuea volcano erupt.
  1. There are poisonous gases that come out of the ground when the volcano erupts and this is called sulphur dioxide.
  2. The earthquake was a 6.9 magnitude earthquake and this was the largest earthequake since 1975.


  1. Why do they name volcanos?
  2. How do they come up with the name?
  3. What is the biggest earthquake in the world?


Here is the like to the newspaper report

May 15


There is an amazing creature that lives in a pink lake, with water boiling hot that could burn a human to the bone. This creature has adapted to this hot boiling water, which is pink in colour because of the flammable gas that lies at the top of the lake.

The creature is known as Charcoal Flat Back, it’s pink in colour with a black belly, the colour helps to camouflage itself into its surroundings, it also has a flat back which allows itself to hide under rocks to take protection from its only predator.  The deadly predator (Sriz) which has a sharp sword like mouth that injects poison that can kill the Flat Back.

Image result for pink flat head fish



May 9

btn thing

This article is from a The Herald Sun newspaper and it explains about the extreme weather events that happen over a weekend in Australia.



  1. There was two major bush fires in New South Wales and Victoria and there was a cyclone in Darwin.
  2. The bush fire in NSW was near Tathra and 70 homes were lost in the bushfire.
  3. The bush fire in Victoria are thought to be started by lightning strikes.


  1. Is there any difference between a cyclone or a tropical cyclone?
  2. Where did the fire start in New South Wales?
  3. How much land did the fires cover in Victoria?


Here is the link to the article